Why I Practice

My wellness practice allows me to move with greater grace and ease and keeps my joints healthier and my bones better aligned.  Strength and cardiovascular endurance training keeps me feeling healthy and younger.

Why I Teach

I have been a yoga instructor for seven years. I understand teaching as a form of communication.  Using the tools of physical wellness to explore and unveil greater ease through life.

About Chango

As a child, my Mexican mother called me her little monkey.  Her “changuito”.  As an adult I appreciate the symbolism of the monkey (Chango in Spanish). It is a strong, mischievous and playful animal that typically lives in community.   These are attributes I espouse.  

My Experience

A diverse background has informed me each time I step into the classroom.

I’ve practiced Yoga over ten years.  My training to insytruct yoga began in 2010 at YogaWorks, a California based studio.  In 2012 I continued with advanced training at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto.  

I’ve been road cycling for over thirty years.  I trained to teach spin classes at the YMCA ten years ago.  Three years ago I reengaged my passion for indoor cycling, by certifying at CORE, an advanced studio in Etobicoke, ON.    

I educate and motivate class participants and private clients.  I’ve been certified personal trainer since 2009.  Most recently I have also taken on training older adults in the water, at two local Toronto swimming pool.  I teach learn to run clinics weekly at the Running Room in my neighborhood.  

My Rides

My indoor cycling sessions are based on proven high intensity interval training protocols.  The rides are paired with an eclectic mix of motivating music.  

I draw on my personality to deliver intelligent efforts that are measurable and attainable. Each class is appropriate for all participants regardless of fitness level, using proper and safe cycling technique.   

My Story

I currently reside in downtown Toronto, where I grew up.

I’ve always been involved in organized sports.  Running was my first passion.  I swam competitively starting at 14 years of age.  Rugby and baseball occupied me throughout High School. At that time, my strength coaches were the staff and members at the YMCA in downtown Toronto, who guided me in form and technique.  In undergrad at the University of Toronto I availed myself of the strength training at the campus athletic centre as a young Varsity Water Polo player.  Ten years ago I left my corporate day job to certify myself as a personal trainer and in 2010, I sought out to be a yoga teacher.  Today I dedicate myself full time to guiding others.